FireKing fireproof file - locked out

A customer in Royson was locked out of their Fireking fireproof security file cabinet. They needed it opened ASAP since it contained records they needed to run the daily business operations.

FireKing fireproof security files that use the Medeco high security key lock are prone to failure. When you least expect it, you will be unable to unlock your file cabinet. The key will turn, however the lock won't pop out from the drawer face. The reason is a die cast part that releases the lock has broken due to use and age.

I can usually open the cabinet with minimum effort and no damage. If the cabinet is less than 10 years old I can get you a replacement lock under warranty. That is a big deal because the lock normally cost $168 including shipping. Call me first before you risk damage to a very expensive piece of office equipment.

NOTE: I get a surprising number of out of state phone calls about this post. Please, call a LOCAL locksmith. I am NOT going to tell you over the phone how to open your file cabinet. I'm sure you can figure out why. . .



Can you unlock my car?

If you have a sweet ride like this 2001 Corvette, and you are locked out, you don't want just anyone to try and open it for you. Slim Jims, coat hangars and the so called "blood pressure cuffs" are the tools of non-locksmiths. They are tools that allow forced entry and they can damage your car. At a minimum the rubber seal can be damaged, or the paint chipped. The worst case is a bent door, or damage to wires and control rods inside the door. I've even seen glass broken as entry was attempted.

At LockPro Locksmith we specialize in non destructive vehicle entry. We will unlock your car the same way the key unlocks it which can't cause any damage.

I opened an identical Corvette today in under 1 minute using my locksmith magic.




F350 Lost Keys

If you have lost your keys to your F350 Dually, call me. I can have you back on the road in a few minutes. This one was in Royston. Shout out to Casey Jackson Ford for the referral.

At LockPro Locksmith we can replace lost keys for almost any auto, motorcycle, ATV, boat, padlock, door lock etc.

Shop local, shop LockPro.



Locksmith in Royston Georgia

I am Jon Payne, the sole owner of LockPro Locksmith LLC.  I am a Certified Master Locksmith (CML) with over 45 years of experience in the security industry. From my base office in Elberton, I offer locksmith services in Royston Georgia and the surrounding area. The Home Page of this website lists my hours and services. You can call me anytime with an emergency. 
You can read more about me any my experience on the page marked "About".
If you are new to Royston, here is a little information about it.
Royston is located in Franklin County in the State of Georgia. The surrounding land is agricultural supporting farming and cattle.
Mr. W. Asbury Royston settled in the area in the early 1800’s and the resulting city was named after him. Today, Royston is home to the Ty Cobb Museum.