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Another happy electric gate customer.

Did you know that we offer local repair service for Mighty Mule and GTO Professional Electric gate operators?I have been factory trained and certified at the GTO main office in Tallahassee Florida and we have dozens of happy gate customers.

This customer purchased a home that had an existing Mighty Mule gate opener installed by the previous homeowner. It was not working and had been disconnected.

In this case there was no power to the gate control box. The internal battery was dead because the solar panel was defective and was not keeping the battery charged. I replaced the 5 watt panel with a 10 watt panel and relocated it so it captured more sunlight. I also replaced the single gel cell battery with 2 new batteries.

The gate had previously been set up to work like a garage door. Press the button to open and press the button to close. However the new owner wanted the gate to close automatically by itself. I reprogrammed the control box to close the gate after 60 seconds. Next we added a buried sensor 50' from the gate to cause the gate to open automatically when a vehicle exits the property, a handy feature for visitors. We also added a wireless intercom and keypad on the street side of the gate. Visitors push a button to alert the homeowner and after a conversation, the homeowner can push a button to open the gate. Very convenient! Trusted regular visitors can be issued a keypad code which can be changed at any time.

Since it is a very old operator and control box, the homeowner is aware that it may need a complete replacement at any time. However the additions to the system such as the solar panel, the intercom, the exit sensor, and the remote buttons are all transferable to the new system should it be required.

This picture shows a close up of the wireless intercom box and the 10 watt solar panel.
This picture shows the custom housing we made to protect the wireless transmitter that sends the exit signal to the gate. This PVC pipe protects the transmitter from rain and also from weed trimmers and lawn mowers.



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