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Entries in Keys (2)


2007 Mercury Mariner - Lost Keys

A local resident drove the car home and then misplaced the keys. They were referred to me after calling around various auto repair shops and even the Ford dealer. I was able to originate 2 new chip keys and program them to the vehicle. I also recovered the previously unknown keypad code for the door, and programmed a remote.

You might be interested to know that we don't need the VIN number to make a key. In fact, the manufacturers have severely restricted the access to key code from the VIN. We can get them if we need to, but the cost of the key code exceeds the cost of the labor to make the key "from thin air". Locksmiths have some magic tools that allow us to look inside a lock and using our knowledge of how the lock works, create a key "from scratch".



Remote Head Key alternatives

Recently the owner of a 2008 Ford Taurus called seeking a replacement for her broken key. The key blade had separated from the plastic part that housed the remote control with the lock and unlock buttons.

The picture on the left is all that remained of the key. In the picture on the right you can see the 2 choices that are available. One choice is obviously the same key style that the customer was using. The other choice, with the separate remote and key, is what we supplied. The customer appreciated the separate key and remote and felt it was less likely to break under use.

We can't provide this solution for every make and model of vehicle, but we might be able to do yours. Give us a call for a free estimate.