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I need a key that just "cranks" my car.

We often get this request. Consider this. You have a late model car that was provided with a fancy key that has a built in remote for locking and unlocking the car. You want a spare key but the remote headed keys are just too expensive. We have two solutions that will save you money.

  • First, For most cars we can make a metal key that will unlock the door but not start the car. This is handy if you lock your keys inside and need to get them out.
  • Second, for most cars we can make a chip key that will unlock the doors manually and, because it has the security chip, it will also start your car. It won't have the fancy remote control, but at least you can drive the car.
  • NOTE: on some cars, if you locked it with the remote, and then unlocked it with a key, the alarm will sound until you put the key in the ignition. If you car is one of those then you Really need to get a remote.

The picture shows a remote head key for a Honda and a chip key without the remote.


Chip key and Remote Head Key for a Honda. (click for fullsize)



4 Wheeler - Lost Keys?

Have you lost the keys to your four wheeler or motorcycle?

At LockPro Locksmith we can replace your lost keys. Here are your options starting with the most expensive down to the least expensive.

  1. We can come to your location and replace the keys on-site.
  2. You can bring the 4 wheeler or bike to us in Elberton.
  3. You can remove the ignition lock and bring it to us.
  4. You can look closely at the lock face for any numbers or letters stamped into the lock. Call us with that information. It might be a key code that we can use to make the key.

Call us for an estimate.


Kawasaki 4 Wheeler




Ford theft light flashing rapidly



A local garage called me about a Ford F150 truck that would occasionally not start thus leaving the driver stranded. The owner would drive the truck somewhere, turn it off at his destination, and upon returning to the truck it would not start.
It was reported that the truck was taken to a few dealerships who made repairs but the problem remained unsolved. The local garage looked a the fault codes from the computer and determined something was wrong with the anti theft system.
In this vehicle the chip key data is stored in the instrument cluster, so the cluster was replaced and I was called to reprogram the keys to the new cluster.
Before reprogramming the new cluster must be “married” to the computer by doing a parameter reset using special programming equipment. I did the reset but the keys failed to program.
Upon close examination the keys proved to be intermittent when read in a chip tester. This is not uncommon with early version chips which are glass capsules inside the key (see the picture above). They are prone to breakage if the key suffers a shock. Newer chips are ceramic and while they may not break like the glass ones, they can sometimes fail.
My real world high-tech test is to drop the key on the ground and then read the chip value in a special tester. The drop will cause an intermittent chip to fail-to-read at least one out of 4 drops. A good chip should never fail to read. Both customer keys were defective.
The keys were replaced with new ones and the original instrument cluster was returned to the car. Both keys programmed properly.
The clue to the problem that was missed by several mechanics was the flashing theft light. Find the theft light on your car and get familiar with it. If you ever insert your key and the theft light stays on or flashes, then the components of the theft system are suspect. Start with the least expensive components first. Have the chip in the key tested by a locksmith. Next check all the fuses in the car. If any work was done recently involving the steering column, check the antenna ring around the ignition lock. It may be damaged, or partially unplugged. Only after the simple things are checked should you go deeper into the problem.
My car won’t crank.
My car won’t start.
The theft light is flashing.
Sometimes my car will start and then a few minutes later it won’t start.




Electric Gates

Besides changing locks, making keys, replacing lost keys and automotive chip keys, I also service and install electric gates. In fact, I am listed on the GTO/Mighty Mule website as an authorized service center. If you want an electric gate, or if yours is not working properly, give me a call.



My (chip) key won't work. 

I've had a few people call me and tell me " the key loop on my key broke and it won't stay in my key ring". ( see #1 in the picture) What comes next is the question " can I drill a hole in my key ?"

If your car uses a chip key then my answer will be NO. The picture shows what happens when this is done. Picture #2 shows the hole and 1/2 of the chip. Picture #3 shows a close up of what is left of the chip.

If you break your key like this call me before drilling holes. I'll cut you a new key and save you a programming fee by reusing your old chip provided it isn't damaged.


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