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"Laser cut" Flip Key Remotes

Did you know we can make the new Chevrolet "laser cut" flip key remotes? We keep most of the different ones in stock. A second key for your GM, Chevrolet, or Buick is less expensive than most chip keys for other cars due to the simple programming procedure for extra keys. Stop by the store to get a price for an extra key for your car.

LOST KEYS? We can replace them. Call us before you do anything else. We are more convenient and less expensive than the dealer. We do the work right at your car saving you the cost and hassle of towing the car to the dealer.

We recently made an extra flip key for this 2014 Chevrolet Sonic.



Atrium style and multipoint locks

I'm seeing a lot of problems with atrium style multipoint locks lately. This type of lock is typically installed on a swinging door that has a wood frame and a large amount of glass. Sometimes they are installed instead of sliding glass doors. Typically there is a metal strip in the edge of the door that runs from the top to the bottom.

They are basically good locks and the main feature is they lock the door in 3 places, the edge next to the handle, the top of the door, and the bottom of the door. All of the locking points must align properly when the door is closed in order for the door to be secure.

There are 4 main issues with this hardware.

  1. The owner does not know how to use it. This happens when you buy a home that already had this type of lock and no one demonstrated proper use. Usually the handle must be lifted to throw the top and bottom bolts, and only then can you turn the key or thumb turn to engage the deadbolt next to the handle.
  2. Alignment. If the house has settled or if the door has shifted then it may be hard or impossible to align all the locking points to properly secure the door. Many of these door systems come with adjustable hinges that can, when properly adjusted, resolve these issues.
  3. Maintenance. Locks need to be lubricated. If you lubricate your locks just once per year they will last a lot longer. DONT USE GRAPHITE. That was old school, before modern locks with tight manufacturing tolerances. WD40 will work just fine.
  4. Keys. These locks use a European style of "profile cylinder" key lock. On these locks the length of the key blade is critical because it is used to engage a part in the lock critical to opening it. If your key just spins but does not move the deadbolt, then it is too short and needs to be made properly, by a locksmith.

These locks are made by Pella, Peachtree, Hoppe, and several other lesser known companies. If yours are giving you trouble, and you are in my service area, give me a call. If you are outside my service area, please call a local licensed and certified locksmith.




Toyota Lost Key Warning

If you drive an early 2000 or 2001 Toyota or Lexus and you only have one key, let me tell you what you will experience if you lose that key. The bottom line is you will be unable to drive your car for 5-7 days and the cost will be about $795. Continue reading for the reasons why.

Most modern cars have a unique electronic chip buried inside of the head of the key. Without this chip the car will not start even if the key turns. When all keys are lost, we first generate the metal portion of the key. Next we select the proper electronic chip for the vehicle and place it inside the key bow. Next we connect a special diagnostic programmer to the built in data port under the dash and "talk" to the car computer and "program" the key.

Most, but not all, early 2000 Toyota/Lexus use an electronic chip key. However, they are missing the data connection we need to connect the key programmer.

In order to replace lost keys on these cars the computer must be removed and connected to special equipment that can either 1) re flash the key portion of the memory, or 2) read the key portion of memory for the data needed for the key chip. Sounds complicated? It is. But we can do it, usually for about 1/2 of the dealer price.

Our average charge for this service is about $795.00 for 2 keys and it takes 5 working days (the computer has to be shipped to a lab).

The time, inconvenience, and cost combined make a $99 duplicate chip key look like a bargain. Don't take the risk, we can copy your Toyota chip key in a few minutes at our shop at 241 Heard Street, Elberton Ga.



Broken Lexus Key

A customer with a 2001 Lexus GS broke her remote head Lexus key. This is a common occurrence with this type of key for many vehicles including Lexus. It also happens regularly with Honda Keys, Ford keys and Chrysler keys.

At LockPro Locksmith we offer a repair service for these broken keys. This service is not offered by the auto dealer. Instead they will sell you a costly replacement key, when in fact, all it needs is a simple repair.

If you have a cracked or broken auto key, or broken auto remotes, stop in the store for a free estimate on repairs.




Remote Head Key alternatives

Recently the owner of a 2008 Ford Taurus called seeking a replacement for her broken key. The key blade had separated from the plastic part that housed the remote control with the lock and unlock buttons.

The picture on the left is all that remained of the key. In the picture on the right you can see the 2 choices that are available. One choice is obviously the same key style that the customer was using. The other choice, with the separate remote and key, is what we supplied. The customer appreciated the separate key and remote and felt it was less likely to break under use.

We can't provide this solution for every make and model of vehicle, but we might be able to do yours. Give us a call for a free estimate.