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2007 Mercury Mariner - Lost Keys

A local resident drove the car home and then misplaced the keys. They were referred to me after calling around various auto repair shops and even the Ford dealer. I was able to originate 2 new chip keys and program them to the vehicle. I also recovered the previously unknown keypad code for the door, and programmed a remote.

You might be interested to know that we don't need the VIN number to make a key. In fact, the manufacturers have severely restricted the access to key code from the VIN. We can get them if we need to, but the cost of the key code exceeds the cost of the labor to make the key "from thin air". Locksmiths have some magic tools that allow us to look inside a lock and using our knowledge of how the lock works, create a key "from scratch".



We unlock Big Rigs

This is an International brand 18 wheeler. The driver locked the keys inside and was blocking the loading dock. I had it unlocked within 5 minutes of arriving on the scene.

To everyone reading this, do you have my phone number stored in your phone under locksmith? Consider doing that so you can find me quickly and easily when an emergency arises.





I fix electric gates!

Another happy electric gate customer. This Customer installed this gate operator system himself. It was one of the better DIY jobs I have seen, but it was not properly grounded so it was damaged by a nearby lightning strike. The Mighty Mule GTO factory told him to call me for factory certified repairs.

When this job was installed, the customer buried a low voltage wire about 75 feet to the house for the plug in transformer. That wire acted as an antenna and pathway for the lightning which entered the control box and burned out the power supply on the circuit board. In the picture on the right you can clearly see the burned and damaged parts, especially when you compare that picture to the one on the left which is a new board. Lightning also damaged a sensor board inside one of the opening arms. I had the parts on the truck and it's all fixed.

In a few days I will return and install an industrial strength surge suppressor and ground rod (8 feet into the ground) to properly protect this system from future nearby lightning strikes.



Keys Overboard!

Take it from me, there are a LOT of car keys at the bottom of Lake Hartwell!

If you plan on visiting the lake and playing in the water, leave your car keys safely on dry land for a couple of reasons.

1. Modern car keys are electronic and many have a built in remote control to unlock the doors. If it gchances are it will be ruined. They are costly to replace.

2. If you drop your keys into the lake without a floating key chain, then you will need to get a new one before you can drive home.

That's what happened to the owner of this Honda Odyssey. They had no way to get back to Atlanta after a few days at the lake. Once the keys went for a swim they had 2 choices. Tow the car to a dealer or call a locksmith. In this rural area I'm one of very few locksmiths who has the high security key machine and chip key programming equipment required to replace a lost key for this car. It can be expensive especially if, like in this case, I have to drive 3 hours round trip and it is on a weekend or holiday.

Anyway, they were happy to see me and even happier when they heard their car start and run a little while later.

Moral of the story - spare keys are cheap compared to an emergency service call, and - keep your keys on dry land if you are playing in the water!



Locks 'N Keys for Anything!

Yes, we have locks and keys for most anything. This is a used 40' storage container that needed a tamper resistant lock.