I fix electric gates!
Friday, August 28, 2015 at 10:35PM

Another happy electric gate customer. This Customer installed this gate operator system himself. It was one of the better DIY jobs I have seen, but it was not properly grounded so it was damaged by a nearby lightning strike. The Mighty Mule GTO factory told him to call me for factory certified repairs.

When this job was installed, the customer buried a low voltage wire about 75 feet to the house for the plug in transformer. That wire acted as an antenna and pathway for the lightning which entered the control box and burned out the power supply on the circuit board. In the picture on the right you can clearly see the burned and damaged parts, especially when you compare that picture to the one on the left which is a new board. Lightning also damaged a sensor board inside one of the opening arms. I had the parts on the truck and it's all fixed.

In a few days I will return and install an industrial strength surge suppressor and ground rod (8 feet into the ground) to properly protect this system from future nearby lightning strikes.


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